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RAWBRY is an edgy cold-pressed juice bar & cafe experience that encourages you to steal the most out of life.

With a robbery-like attitude, we inspire you to unapologetically take back your most valuable possession: Your health. 


Using raw goods, our carefully crafted menu revitalizes everything from the body, mind, to that brutal hang over. We are much more than a grab-n-go: we’re the neighborhood spot for stimulation.

RAWBRY was created for those that actually give a damn about their well- being. COME STEAL BACK YOUR HEALTH WITH US!

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RAWBRY Juice Bar, Acai & Cafe serves high-quality healthy food in Las Vegas - fresh juices, acai bowls, smoothies, coffee, espresso drinks and toasts. Come steal back your health with us.

juice is just the start

Your number one stop for healthy food in Las Vegas

Our juices are to die for. Have you tried the Guilty Pleasure? Maybe a quick detox (get The Farmacist). Ooooh, or how about a quick pick-me-up on your busy day? Hydrate The Hustle.

But the rest of our menu is just as tasty.

We have carefully crafted acai bowls (or you can build your own). Our protein shakes are sweet and give you a protein punch.


The smoothies? Fuhgettaboutit - they're as refreshing as they are rejuvenating. And man, don't get us started on our toasts. Try one and tell us it isn't one of the best you've had.

Our ace in the hole? Our coffees. With beans from Dark Moon Coffee Roasters, we've created specialty drinks like the Golden Knight Latte or the Matcha Rose Latte. You'll love it.

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IT's a  lifestyle

We're cookin' up more than just food ...

RAWBRY aims to redefine the way we eat and live. It's more than a juice bar – it's an experience, a culture.

We're here to hydrate the Sin City hustlers.

With a robbery-like attitude, we're your partners in crime - unapologetically helping you steal back your most valuable possession: YOUR HEALTH.


Our juices and foods are good for the body and good for the soul. Our space allows you to detach and reconnect with yourself and our tribe.


JOIN  THE  HEIST  TO  STEAL  BACK  YOUR  HEALTH  -  ENTER  YOUR  EMAIL  FOR   giveaways for  gift cards  &  merch

Thanks for joining the heist!

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